The First Journey

We finally got all the snags on the trailer sorted and plucked up the courage to hit the road for the first time.

Coniston was the destination. 120 or so miles of motorway followed by several miles of twisty back roads.We made it. In fact cruising on the motorway was quite ‘pleasant’ and we ticked along at 60 quite comfortably. The rear camera which acts as a rear view mirror keeps playing up by losing signal (its wireless) just as you are about to pull out – a bit of cursing but we survived. The last few miles towards Torver were challenging but the roads were quiet so it was fine. The trailer tracks the truck really well so you don’t have to swing out on tight corners too much.

So if Alan learned one thing in 34 years in IT (other than it’s dull)  it’s that it’s all about communication. Get that wrong and it’s chaos. So here we are learning how to communicate all over again when tying to park the trailer. Left/Right/Offside/Nearside/Left hand down/Right hand down and all back to front in a mirror – we need to speak the same language and of course men are from Venus and women are not! But we are getting there – #1 rule – relax and chillout – there is no rush.

So we got some much needed exercise after we set up and went for a spin around Grizedale. A little overcast and in the last 30 mins it poured down – soaked to the skin.Wednesday we’re off paddling with Slime in the evening and Thursday Whinlatter. Sunshine forecast !

Beats working.